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      I need to find a cover for a septic tank inlet with dimentions of 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet. The standard sprinkler system valve boxes are to small. The cover needs to lift easily to access the septic tank. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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      Ken Zoeller

      The diaginal is 3.9 ft. A 4 ft ID concrete ring and a steel lid with a good epoxy coating at grade could work. The lid would need to be thick enough to carry the anticipated load. The lid would need to be fastened so it could not be removed easily. A 4 ft lid 3/8 ” thick would be heavy. good luck.

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      John Aldrich1

      Unless there is some compelling reason for such a large opening into this septic tank, I recommend that the opening be reduced with the use of a circular concrete spacer. Convert the rectangular manhole opening to a 24 inch circular opening. Circular manhole covers cannot fall into the tank.

      The thickness of the concrete spacer is 2 to 3 inches with an outside diameter of 36 inches, and an access hole diameter of 24 inches. Seal the spacer to tank top, and cover the corners of the rectangular opening with an appropriate epoxy cement material to make the tank watertight.

      Fergus Power Pump, Inc. sells a septic tank sealing ring, and riser lid made of plastic. Install the “SEAL-R” ring, a short piece of 24 inch diameter corrugated plastic culvert pipe for the riser, and then install the lightweight, yet strong, plastic lid with the stainless steel screws. Fergus’s webpage address is:

      I have performed this very same procedure on several occasions. Good Luck. JWA

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      Ken Zoeller

      Great solution John. Could it not be better if the spacer be 4 ft+ in diameter to cover the square hole completely? Zoeller Co. also sells 24″ risers and FG lid w/ SS screws w/ epoxy to seal to tanks. Go to

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      John Aldrich1

      CREDFERN and Ken Zoeller,

      The 48 inch diameter concrete spacer with a 24 inch hole which you suggest Ken, would be ideal, but unfortunately, the precaster from whom I purchase materials does not make a spacer with these specific dimensions, so we must improvise. An alternative would be to form up a reducer mold and pour a custom concrete unit to fit the need.

      CREDFERN, I have not used the Zoeller Riser and Lid for septic tanks, but based on the high quality of other Zoeller products, I will not hesitate to recommend the use of Ken’s riser and lid.

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