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        The sink in my basement won’t drain. Several years ago, there was a utility sink with a straight drain pipe (no trap) that always drained without a problem. I replaced the utility sink with a new sink and vanity. My plumber installed the new sink with a j trap and it never drained from day one. Then he snaked the line but it still never drained. At some point we tried Drano or Liquid Plumber (which didn’t work). Is it possible that this sink needs to be elevated higher off the concrete floor in order to drain properly? Is this a vent problem? Or do I need to have the drain pipe water jetted? The toilet nearby flushes perfectly. No additional plumbing has been added to the house since this problem occured.

        Thanks for the help!!

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        Avatar photofourth year

          The old sink may have had a straight pipe because the trap is in the floor. And if there is a trap there and the plumber installed an additional “S” trap, the sink is double trapped and will never drain properly.

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            Thank you. How can I identify the trap in the floor? Should I go back to the straight pipe?
            Thanks for the help!!

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Hello Northamusi,

              I just read this post and I think your problem is very simple to cure.

              READ THIS >>>My plumber installed the new sink with a j trap and it never drained from day one. Then he snaked the line but it still never drained. <<<<<

              Ok lets make believe this was an off the “wall” job where the “plumber” installed the “J TRAP” without installing it properly

              In another words he/she installed it BLOCKING the waste line completly by installing the J part in too far.

              Now the drain is blocked and this “plumber” comes back removes this trap SNAKES the line replaces the SAME trap and The same problem exists DUH what does this tell you?

              Have this “plumber” come back put a garden hose in this line and THEN test it.

              Double trapping would only make a system air bound BUT will not cause this type of problem.

              Think about it If double trapping would prevent fixtures from working then every fixtur could be considered double trap if there is a “trap” on the main sewer correct?

              Try removing the J and then measure inside the drain pipe coming out of the “WALL”

              This believe it or not is a common problem using this kind of material.

              Good luck and please keep me posted

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                Thanks!! I’ll try the garden hose (I’m a little hesitant to call Mr. Plumber back for this one!).

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