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      Alejandro Pacheco

      when mainfloor toilet is flushed waste backsup in basement toilet and sink.have removed downstairs toilet and snaked line into septic tank and is clear but still have backup problem.pumped septic tank and snaked line again but still have backup???????

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      Wow, Bruce…weird. If you literally pumped your tank, then flushed the toilet while your tank was empty, you have to have a clog in the pipe between the septic tank and the toilet. What did you snake the line with. I snaked my septic line all the way to the tank with a standard small diameter snake several times, and it worked poorly, and only for a while. Finally, I had a plumber run a full diameter snake head through the pipe, and a 4×12 inch glob of grease and soap blooped out of the pipe and into my septic tank. It was letting my snake pass through, but staying put. Is that what you used?
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      [Edited by CallMeChaz on 12 March 2001]

Viewing 1 reply thread
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