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      I am looking into buying a new construction home in a new sub. Every time I go to look at the house it sounds as if there is a waterfall in the basement. There is a continuous stream of water flowing into the sump hole. The sump pump turns on about every two minutes or so, 24-7. They have shut off the main water line at the road, thinking there was a break but no luck. They have dug up the back yard checking out wher the drain from the sump goes to and that looks to be functioning fine. Then they decided that the water level was just high and raised the sump pump above the drain tile comming into the sump hole. Now the pump runs 24-7 without ever stoping. Should they have left the pump lower than the drain tile coming into the sump hole? I don’t know what else to do? Please help!!!!

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      John Aldrich1

      Coach, I would look into purchasing a different home which does not have this condition, and let the builder figure out the solution to the problem of this high groundwater level in the sump pump hole. It is probable that the groundwater level under this particular home will continue to be a problem, and the electrical cost of pumping it, and the cost of sump pump replacement will be substantial over the period of time that you own this home.

      Think about how you will deal with the problem when you get ready to sell the home in the future, considering the real estate laws of full disclosure that are currently in place. If the problem is not solved, this condition will negatively impact your ability to resell the home in the future.

      If you simply must buy this home, insist that the builder solve this high groundwater problem permanently with the use of a drainage system that does not require a sump pump for which YOU must pay to operate and maintain. Be sure that you have a written, enforceable contract that covers the cost of damage caused by failure of any drainage system that is selected.

      Simply raising the level of the pump intake is not a viable solution. In fact, it sounds like that procedure has made the problem even worse. JWA

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      I agree with John RUN LIKE HELL

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