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      my ? is i have a bid on a system in new mexico iam biding on taping into a new city drinage system which is vacumed if any one has answers or comments i would really appreciate it thanks

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      John Aldrich1

      David Gallegos, I think that you can find information regarding “Vacuum Sewers” at the National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC) website. The website address is:

      I thought that Orenco Systems, Inc. sold a vacuum sewer package, but in reviewing their webpage, I found nothing referring to vacuum sewers. Orenco does have a “Ask the Experts” service on their website, and your inquiry could probably be answered by them.

      I have no personal experience with vacuum systems, but have heard that they are maintenance intensive, and a real pain in the neck. Others have a lower opinion of them. :>) JWA

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