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        There is a strong, foul odor emerging from the pit in which a Zoeller pump/grinder/ejector is located in the basement. We are told by plumbers and septic service people that the unit and septic systems are functioning, but they have been unable to eliminate the odor, which seeps into adjacent living spaces and is also carried through the house through the ventilation system from the furnace. The surface of the tank sits in a 5′ 3 1/2′ opening about 5″ below the concrete floor, and has a thin layer of rock or gravel over it. The odor is far too strong for an air purifier to have any effect. Please provide any help you can to eliminate this problem. Thank you.

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          JP remove the acess cover over these ejectors and check the seal around this access panel.

          You may also find it advisable to unplug these pumps pour some Clorox (bleach) into a near by drain connecting to this sump.

          Let this stand about 1 hour then plug in the pumps and this should kill all the bacteria that could be causing the smell.
          Try using caulking around the pump covers and have the main vent checked for a possible blockage.

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