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      alan tierney

      My bathtub has been draining slowly for a while and has now almost stopped draining at all. I have tried a commercial product and also bleach and hot water. Of course I have used the plunger, but, neither of these has helped very much. Should I try a product specially for hair clogs?

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      The products availiable over the counter won’t work well enough to remove a serious blockage. The products that plumbers can get are dangerous to your health, and can destroy traps and drains under some circumstances. You can try a hand snake if there is a removable strainer, but they are tough to work through a tub trap. If the trap is accessable through a wall opening, there may be a cleaning plug at the bottom of the trap. Or the trap can be disassembled and cleaned. If the clog is not in the trap, the drain line will need to be snaked. If all of this sounds strange or scary, call a plumber. PS. If you have been dumping chemicals in the drain, DON’T open the trap unless you are sure they have rinsed through. You can get chemical burns on your skin or eyes!

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      To CallmeChaz,
      Thank you for your response. After realizing that I would not be able to unclog the drain, I called a plumber. He used a snake through the side of tub and was able to find the clog. Like your comment, he also said not to use the harsh chemicals because of the age of the pipes and of the potential problems that could happen. Thank you again for responding and giving me advice about the use of chemicals. Needless to say, I will not be using any chemicals again.

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