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        My main drain stack that goes from the ceiling of the basement into the floor is rusting. In fact, there are certain weak spots where the rust is ‘bubbling’ up. It doesn’t leak per se, but the rust stains can be seen oozing down the stack. The stack itself is about 50 years old and made of metal, probably steel. The rust bubbles or oozing areas are about the size of a quarter or half dollar.

        Can I patch these with that heavy duty plumber’s paste/spackle? What if I just put some tape over the problem areas? Would electrical or duct tape be best? I’m trying to avoid replacing the main stack.



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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Well if you want to be JUST LIKE THE UP STATE New Yawk Pros or a helper go out get Hercules Propoxy

          Wire brush the peeling metal and mix this epoxy according to directions and YOU will be just as “Qualfield” as upper NYS plummmmmers

          This epoxy will harden almost like steel and should last many years if you follow directions.

          If you want to know the proper job please E mail me as we dont want the upstate guys to feel bad.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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