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        My main drain was cleaned out about 6 months ago for backing up into my basement and they found roots at about 60 ft from the house. Now about 2weeks ago my sump pump has been running every 12 min. and it’s not even raining and it’s 20 deg outside. The water is running like a river in my crawl. Could it be plugged up again? There’s no water at all in my basement.

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        Avatar photoGuest

          What’s the rate of call for the roto-rooter on the main drain. Was that the first time you called. If so, you might want to investigate some products that go into the drain to disolve tree roots.

          But it may be too late. Most of those products are best used before you have a problem.

          If your house uses clay pipe to connect your main drain to the sewer line, you may have to replace it. That’s an ugly and expensive job, but better than having it in your basement!

          If your neighborhood has experienced storms recently, there is a slim chance that there could be a clog in the city line. Most towns will send a crew to check for clogs on the city owned lines for free, when you can to report a problem.

          Good luck

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Did you go to your water main?

            If not go to it and listen to hear if water is running if so you may have a busted pipe good luck

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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