2 toilets and they both clog all the time!

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      Both of my toilets clog all the time. I have snaked and plunged them and they still are not flushing properly. Do I remove the toilet and check for any other clog below the tank? Help me!

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      Are they Kohler? I have removed lots of Kohler wc’s lately due to the inability to work properly.

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      These two toilets are “Briggs”. I have tried everything and no fix yet.

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      Wallingford Plm+Htg

      If these are 1.6 gal toilets the first thing I would look at is the water level in the tank.Shorting these toilets by even a pint of water can cause a poor flush.Check the refill tube for proper flow and placement.Make sure the shut off valve is opened all the way.If all of this is o.k then you may have to remove the toilets to check the flange for problems.There is the chance that your toilet is junk like alot of other 1.6 toilets.

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      IF a 1.6 gallon toilet tank is possibly not good. What size would be best and where can I look for the most reasonable?

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