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        Can you use, under any circumstance, a garbage disposal unit on a kitchen sink that is attached to a septic system?

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          kpbarry1, the single word answer to you inquiry is “yes.” But, by disposing of the organic material such as table scraps, vegetable peelings, and such, an increase in organic loading will occur in the septic tank, and the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), or strength of the effluent being applied to the leach field will be significantly increased. The frequency of sludge removal from the septic tank will have to be increased, perhaps to an annual basis.

          This organic material has not been partially disgested in the human gut, and therefor requires a greater length of detention time for the digesting microbes in the septic tank to consume, and liquify. Most new septic system designs anticipate the use of garbage disposals by increasing the capacity of the septic tank, and by increasing the required area of the leach field. If you do install a garbage disposal, do not dispose of material that is slow to decompose, or will not decompose such as bones, animal fat, coffee grinds, and soil washed from vegetables.

          My recommendation is to dispose of the garbage in the trash, or compost pile unless there is a compelling reason not to do so, such as food scraps attracting bears, or other critters, to your garbage containers, or compost pile.

          Decisions, Decisions!! Have a good day. JWA

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