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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Is the sewage that is pumped up broken up. All of the pumps that I see handle 2″ of waste. What happens if the waste is larger ?

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        Avatar photoKen Zoeller

          A 2″ sphere pump has a 2″ inlet. Therefore, what goes in should go through. Something larger than 2″ should not get in. If the piece of @#$#@$% is bigger than 2″ and gets sucked in, it should go through the pump. Some sewage pumps with 2″ discharges will not pass 2″ spheres. You will need to ask if a 2″ sphere will pass through the pump case, not just through the discharge pipe.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Brenda, for sewerage ejector 2″ is more then enough for most residential usage.

            In case of heavy usage conditions I use a grinder pump that turns sewerage into a slurry for ease of disposal with a 4″ discharge.

            One sewerage ejector I installed had a 6″ discharge even though it had a 8″ inlet YET it could only pass 2″ solids as normally the largest obstacle is going to enter the soil system through a toilet and it only passes 1/3/4″ so anything over 2″ is just useless and most cities dont like large “solids” entering the drainage system.

            I have seen a Zoller sewerage ejector pass a large rock with no apparent damage to the impeller.

            The only thing I have found to disable most pumps/ejectors is feminine products that jam up the impeller.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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