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        I was told not to use any bleach in my laundry as it kills bacteria that is needed in the septic. Can I use a hydrogen peroxide alternative chlorine free bleach, or is this going to kill bacteria as well?


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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          Sue44, first of all, thanks for posting the reply regarding your success with the Sweet Air roof vent filters.

          Now, regarding the issue of the impact on septic system performance when using chlorine bleach in your laundry. I read an article in the PipeLine publication of the National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC) regarding this issue. The conclusion drawn from a study of the use of household cleaners and disinfectants was that if you follow the label directions on the container, the septic system is able to assimilate the small amount of chlorine, and other antibacterial substances that are applied under normal use circumstances.

          You can read this article by visiting the NSFC Website, and clicking on “Publications”. The website address is:

          You may have to search around on this site to find this specific article, but it is there. I think that it was published in 1999. JWA

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          Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

            Sue44, I did a little surfing on the net this morning, and found the information to which I referred in my previous response. It was published in the fall 1995 issue of PipeLine, not in 1999. How time flies when your having fun.

            Click on “Publications” on the left side of the main page, scroll down to “PipeLine”, and then click on “Archives”. Then scroll down to the Fall 1995 issue. I tried to bring up the PDF file, but was unsuccessful. I don’t know if the problem was mine, or if there is a problem with the “Archive” file on the website. If you experience the same result, you can order a hard copy of this issue of PipeLine from the NSFC. JWA

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