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        The city wants to install a sewer cleanout unit in my yard under my tree. Thr pipe from the street is clay. The pipe from my house is cast iron. Apparently the old connections are covered in concrete and are leaking rainwater into the pipe. Question, if the clay pipe is replaced with PVC and a cleanout, how long will the cast iron last? Should I pay to dig this pipe up too and replace with PVC or is there a way to do something to the cast iron pipe to make it last longer ? The pipes were installed in 1962.

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          flooper, I recommend that you have the Cast Iron portion of your sewer pipeline inspected with the use of a sewer line camera. If the condition of the cast iron pipe is poor, then have it replaced. If it is in good condition, then “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.”

          If the Cast Iron pipe is in poor condition, and is allowing infiltration to occur, then investigate the technology of “trenchless” pipe replacement. You can learn about this technology from a website provided by Dale’s Plumbing Service of Hutchinson, Kansas. His website address is:

          Typically, Cast Iron pipe has a very long service life, 100 years or more. This pipeline is only 43 years old, so if it was installed correctly, I suspect that it will provide many more years of good service.

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