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      My septic system is 2 years old and has infiltrators panels. We are on a well with very hard water (120 gpg)and need a serious water softner. Since the softner is a exchange process I have salt in my water in instead of calcium. My septic field is not keeping up and am concerned that the salt is creating a water barrior in the soil such as I have read about. I am looking into using potassium instead of salt….will this cause the same problem?
      The field had a very thick layer of weeds (1ft thick).The weeds were like composte on the bottom like a matted dog. I have no other way to decribe it. I cut it last week to hopefuly help the system. I would assume it needs to breath.
      Thanks in advance , Clyde

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      John Aldrich1

      clyde, the latest issue, Winter 2001, of “Pipeline” is dedicated to this very controversial subject. Pipeline is a publication of the National Small Flows Clearinghouse, and can be viewed, and downloaded, from their website. The address is:

      Click on “Publications”.

      I am undecided about the effects of water softeners on leach fields. JWA

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