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      Can anyone give me any information on arobic septic tanks?
      I would like to know the nearest vendor, prices and how well they

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      John Aldrich1

      True Holyoak, the Small Flows Quarterly, a publication of the National Small Flows Clearinghouse, has a very comprehensive article regarding the performance of small scale, single home size, aerobic sewage treatment systems. You can view, and download this article from their website. The address is:

      Orenco Systems, Inc. sells several different types of these systems. Orenco’s address is:

      A word of caution; be absolutely sure that this technology is the best to serve your specific needs, as it is quite expensive, and requires a substantial amount of operation and maintenance. Some of the systems are sold under the provision that a maintenance contract be obtained with a third party to assure that the guarantee will be honored. JWA

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