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      Avatar photoDan Walters

        I am looking for a replacement product for the 4″ black plastic perforated field line that comes from the septic tank into the leach field? I am told this product is flat, retangular and snaps together. It does not require as much digging or gravel to install. A manufacturer, brand, or produt name would be appreciated. Thanks Brian

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          BrianG, I am assuming that you are referring to a gravelless leach field alternative known as “a chamber system”. There are several manufacturers of this product. I have personal experience with the Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS) product called “The Bio-Diffuser”. The ADS web site address is:

          You can read all the information regarding the chamber system on this site.

          If you decide to use this product to expand your leach field, I recommend that you place a 4 foot wide layer of geotextile over the chambers to cover the louvers on the sides of the units. This will prevent siltation, or migration of the backfill soil into the void provided under the chambers. The geotextile also acts as a wick, allowing the water to “wick up” over the top of the chambers, and then into the soil. JWA

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