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      I have a Sears Vertical Sump Drainer that has started running constantly-not sure how this thing actually works-any suggestions would be appreciated as to how it works and is it supposed to run constantly

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      Ken Zoeller

      The vertical or pedistal or column pump you have should not be running at all times unless the water coming in is greater than what the pump can put out. The way they work is simple. the water comes in and rises in the pit. The water floats a float much like the one in a toilet that has a rod attached with a collar on it. when the collar reaches the switch it turns on the pump. As the water is remove, the float goes down and the switch is turn off by another collar on the float rod. Is the pump making a “sucking air sound”? If yes, the switch is stuck in the on position. Unplug the pump then move the pump in the pit to let the float fall down and turning off the pump. There are other ways that the unit could get stuck in the on position but….. go to for more info.

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