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      Is there any reason a sweeping 90 bend shouldn’t be used in lieu of closet bend under toilet? The hardware store doesn’t have closet bends and said local plumbers use the 90 degree sweep.

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      A “Long Sweep” is just as good as any closet bend and it is legal in most codes GO 4″ if possible

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      I went with 3″ combination with a 2″ vent pipe for toilet drainage. I’ll let you know if I have any problem. It will be underneath a concrete slab, so I hope the plumber I talked with, who told me 3″ would be fine, knows his stuff. He said the hole in the bottom of the toilet is smaller than the opening in the 3″ pipe.

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      There is nothing wrong with a toilet connected to a 3″ soil line according to the codes I read

      Today with the low flow toilets (1.6) there should be no problem what so ever using a 3″ outlet.

      I just like slightly over sizing the drain line just in case I ever to add another WC or complete bathroom.

      The difference in price from a 3″ line compared to a 4″ is litterly pennies.

      As long as the installing plumber gave enough pitch the scouring action should be fine.

      I am inpressed that this plumber did opt for the 2″ vent as certain codes do allow a 11/2″ vent when connected to a 3″ line.

      You should honestly have a trouble freee system. Good luck

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      Thanks for your comments. They ease my mind. Another question: Vent for drain of tub/shower combo–does the vent need to be installed if I have a 2″ vent about 5 feet away for the toilet? What I did (or have at the moment) is install a vent teeing off the vertical portion of the tub drain before the water reaches the p-trap, which seems to me doesn’t do any good. But the toilet vent is only 5 feet from where the tub p-trap is. I will dig this up and redo only if it is necessary. Any comment?

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      As far as venting is concerned I personally place a vent within 2 ft of the trap and place the trap within 2 ft of the fixture (total 48″) on the horiziontal

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