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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        I’d like to turn my basement toilet 90 degrees. Problem is the bolt slots in the flange are, you guessed it, not in the right place then. The flange has an oakum-lead seal.

        Is there a simple solution beyond getting an honest to god plumber to remove, rotate and redo the lead fitting? Some sort of an adaptor or something that wouldn’t raise it too much. I’ve even thought about drilling/cutting two new slots for attatching the toilet. Dumb idea?

        Thanks in advance.

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        Avatar photoGuest

          Well most places I called wouldn’t even touch it. “Too small…”

          The one guy that said he’d look at it never showed up. How unusual.

          The best guess phone estimate I recieved was “probably a couple ‘hunerd’ bucks.” I’d get a firm price when the work was done!??? No one offered any simple solutions. One place even said the only thing to do was jack-hammer it out and start over.

          I thought I might find some advice here. I was wrong.

          With nothing to loose but fustration, I got out my trusty drill, hammer and cold chisel. Ten minutes later I had the slots I needed.

          Tinker toys aren’t that hard to work. See you at the smoker.

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          Avatar photofourth year

            Yo should have called a real plumber. He would have had the old one off and a new one installed in about 20 minutes. And all for the price of an hours labor and about $20.00 for the new collar, lead and oakum.

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