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        I have a half bath next to the alundry room and water heater are, and I’d like to install small, space-saving, ready-to-install shower in the corner. How difficult is this and about how expensive?

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        Avatar photohj

          the cost and degree of difficulty are directly related to how the plumbing piping was originally installed. Until you open the floor, you will not know the answer to that question, but since the shower was probably not thought of at that time, the piping may have been installed the easiest way, which would make a shower installation relatively expensive.

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          Avatar photojack spotz

            Bids are free Mrs. Parker. you go ahead and call the plumber, H.J. is most likely right but havent you gotten lucky before? Its worth a try if you want the shower.

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            Avatar photoSylvanLMP

              Mrs. Parker I have no idea where you live BUT ever hear you get what you pay for? Any licensed Master plumber willing to work for FREE I personally would run away from. My mechanics make over $45 PER HR and to send anyone over for FREE is telling you exactly what their time is worth. I never give a “free estimate” to anyone one but then again I know how much my time is worth.

              Some contractors do give a discount after they get the job and take the estimate time into consideration. Other contractors give you a diagnostic fee. Again Would you honestly trust anyone willing to

              1- Send a truck/car out to look at a job with an employee who could be working rather than giving a FREE pricing service?

              2- Trucks, cars and employees all cost money. Would you work for FREE giving up your valuable time to price shoppers?

              3- Any decent company knows the true cost of doing business and knows how expensive labor is WHY would any reputable company give this billable time away unless they are very hungry for work and charges accordingly

              Please don’t really expect a FREE estimate as some legitimate contractor would have to hide this “free time” as we both know you get what you normally pay for.


          Viewing 3 reply threads
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