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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        not stopped up, just continuous swirling, then fills up/cuts off…ready for another flush. The toilets are NOT stopped up (sometimes they flush), but if I flush them, then use plunger, the bowl empties. Without plunger, water swirls and exits, but bowl water level remains constant.

        It is not consistent and, again, it happens with EMPTY toilets. 2/3 of the toilets in the house currently do not flush, though all flushed yesterday. Help!

        Appreciate any response.

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          sounds like a possible poor venting problem

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          Avatar photoGuest

            SylvanLMP: can you expand a bit? I need to know some possible solutions, or whether it’s the builder’s problem. Or, is there a handy solution I can implement to get some regularity in flushing? Appreciate it.

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            Avatar photofourth year

              If you are on a septic system or have a house trap that prevents your house from having access to a free movement of air, and if the plumber used all Studor air admittance valves for the vents your situation could occur due to a venting problem. But if there is at least one vent open to the atmosphere so that displaced air can exit, and the sewer is not obstructed, the toilets should flush normally. Try flushing them with a pail of water. If they flush properly, then the problem is in the toilets themselves.

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              Avatar photoGuest

                Thanks for all who answered. I checked both toilets that had irregular flushing, and found a piece of what looked like plaster (smelled like bleach) partially blocking the smaller hole in each bowl.

                When I broke up each particle, allowing a steady flow of water, they flushed fine. Is this hole like the one you puncture in the lid of a can to allow the liquid to exit the larger hole? just curious, and appreciate the responses…

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