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      Avatar photoAndy Messenger

        My house was built in November 1998 and is a duplex. My neighbour and I both have our own septic tank but we share the field.

        We have noticed that the field is really wet in one spot in the middle of the field.

        We have experienced bad smell sometimes and I put some lime down to clear up the smell.

        My question is what can I do, before I moved in the field was dug and replaced and my other neighbours have had problems with their fields as well.

        Is the problem just not enough top soil on the fields?

        Ross Craig

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          Ross Craig, it appears that the leach field is failing. The septic tank effluent cannot percolate into the soil at a rate equal to, or graater than, the application rate so it is surfacing. If the effluent cannot go down, it comes up. Placing more soil on top of the leach field will not improve, nor fix the failing system.

          There are many factors that could be the cause of this failure. These factors include hydraulic overloading, organic overloading, improper leach field design, improper leach field construction, and several other factors in combination. I recommend that you contact the local on-site system permiting authority to investigate the failure, and get their recommendation as to the approved solution to the problem. Surfacing septic tank effluent poses an environmental, and public health treat, so take care of this problem promptly. JWA

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          Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

            Ross Craig, just wanted the main message board to show that there was at least one sensible response to your inquiry after Lorenzo accomplished his editing. JWA:>)

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