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      William Gray

      Location – Sites in the Middle East
      Problem – Cracking of cast iron rain water pipes.
      Detail – Problem occured in buildings of 10 years old and over. Cracking is occuring to pipes within the ceiling void. Pipes suspended and properly supported. Cracks not occuring at wall junctions. Cracks are primary on the length of the pipe but also around the circumferance. Not all pipes have a ‘seam’. Internal rusting is not significant.
      As you will appreciate rain is not a norm in this part of the world.
      I have no idea if the problem is new or occurred some time ago.
      Can anybody advise of the likely cause?

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      1- what Schedule CI pipe are you talking about?

      Extra heavy, Standard Or no Hub?

      Is this cast Iron coated or un coated?

      What is the average ambient temperature these pipes are located?

      What is the pH of the rain as the huge fires that were caused during the Gulf war could have put an excessive amount of sulfur into the atmosphere.

      What country did this cast Iron come from and made under which standards?

      A lot of times CI will crack on the top when not used very often.

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      Thank you for responding.
      The Schedule is unknown, however, the pipes appear to be standard and in the cases I am familiar with coated.
      Temperatures can vary – in one case the pipes were located inside an eaves, accordingly it could be 5 deg. C to 60 deg. C. In the case of internal pipes, typically from 15 deg C to 30 deg. C.
      The pH is unknown but I would suspect it to be lower than 5. The other aspect is of course the salt level which is quite high. The internal rusting was, given the age, minimal but pitting was noticed.
      Country of origin was in one case the USA and in others the UK – probably supplied by Hepworths.
      The cracks we noticed have been principally at the bottom.
      Is the fact that no cracking occurred at the wall ‘support’ significant?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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