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        I have an office in a 50-60 year old two story building with three storefronts on the first floor and apartments upstairs. For years we have had a sewer smell during the winter. It comes and goes but seems worse on colder days. We’ve checked out the basement drains and they seem OK. There is no smell in the basement or our bathroom. None of the other offices seem to have this problem. My office is on the first floor and is next to a bar.The bar is in a single story builing that is attached to ours. The bars bathrooms are on the wall in an area where the smell is the worst. They state they have no problem with sewer smell and the building inspector has been in their basement and said there was no problem with their drains and no smell in their basement. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be a venting problem from the apartments upstairs or the bar nextdoor?

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        Avatar photoRichard

          This same problem has been answered MANY times on this board, I strongly suggest that you read the other posts, so we don’t have to repeat ourselves with the same problem.

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          Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

            franka, the answer to your first question is “yes!” The answer to your second question is also “yes.” I suggest that you contact a Licensed Master Plumber to perform one or more of the various tests, as outlined in the responses to numerous other inquiries on this forum regarding this same subject, to determine the origin of the odors, and then take the necessary steps to repair the problem. JWA

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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