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        I think that my house is on an underground stream with a high water table. I have a backup sump pump with alarm. But, the main pump is running up to 100 times per hour. Is there anything that can be done to reduce the number of cycles. (I do have a check valve in the discharge line.)

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          I wish I had an answer for you as a matter of fact that is exactly why I am looking at this site I have the same problem as you If you get any answers please let me know as I will do to you [email protected]

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            The average run time under normal operating conditions (no heavy rains) is 6 times in hour. If you are running up to 100 times an hour your more than likely on a stream. There are lots of ways to help with run times, but no true one answer cure. Here’s some suggestions: If your pit has water that enters through rock on the bottom, you can sometimes raise the pump (set it on a concrete block) if your pit depth will allow, and this can sometimes get the pump out of the stream and slow the water from coming into the pit because of pressure; some pump companys offer a long cycle kit (if your pit is deep enough) that can extend your run time and decrease your cycles; check where the discharge line is going. I’ve seen new homes with a discharge line that terminates directly near the basements foundation and this recycles the water faster. I would strongly consider adding a second pump with an alternator to help prolong the life of your pump system, or a battery backup system to protect in the case of an electrical outage. Go to for different products to help or contact Zoeller’s technical service at 1-800-928-7867, ext. 6 and explain your situation. Remember there’s no pure cure, but its better to be proactive than reactive with a flooded basement. Tony Renfro
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              I too have a very active sump pump, every twenty seconds during a heavy rain. I had a water powered back-up intalled….bad choice for heavy use…could not keep up during an 8 hour loss of power. Not only does it have to pump out the water in the pit, but also the water it utilizes to operate.
              My advice is a quality back-up pump using a deep cycle marine battery. Stay away from the those cheap ones in the stores, check with your plumbers. You can get around 6-10 hours of backup with a good system.
              I had such a system using one discharge line with each pump having a check valve. The check valve for the back-up pump took a beating and leaked, so I had a separate discharge line installed to the backup pump.
              No true test of the battery system yet..just short power outages….good luck.

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