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        My husband and I are considering an EEE ZZZ Lay Drain system for our septic in our new home, but we are having difficulty finding info to make an informed decision. Do you have any sources of info or can you give the pros and cons of conventional vs EEE ZZZ Lay? Thanks

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          Marilyn, all that I know about the EZflow Drainfield material in question is that which I have read in the literature, and trade journals. I think that the company has changed the name of the product from EEE ZZZ Lay Drain to EZflow Drainfield system. This alternative leach field material is not marketed in Colorado, nor is it approved for use in this State. The company has not as yet applied for approval through the Technical Advisory Committee of the Colorado State Department of Health.

          With that said, EZflow Drainfield material appears to be a good alternative to a stone and perf pipe leach field system. My only concern is that the material will not prevent siltation unless it is covered (completely surrounded) with a geotextile covering.

          Other gravelless leach field material alternatives include Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.(ADS), SB*2 gravelless leach field tubing, and plastic chamber leach fields, manufactured by several different companies. For a detailed description of these alternatives, and a discussion of proper leach field design, read my response to the inquiry posted on this forum titled “leech field” posted by richard_sellin on January 3, 2001. JWA

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