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      We live in a house that is 1 year old. In the last two weeks we have noticed sewer gas smell in our main bathroom and our master bathroom. At any given time the smell comes from just one of them. We hired a guy to go up on the roof and he poured hot water down the vents and told us that he could hear a whoosh after about two cups of the hot water went down. If it is iced up vents that are the problem, then our vents were iced up again within only a few hours, because the smell returned.
      The guy we hired talked about putting an extension on our stack. Would that be a good idea?
      Can anyone tell us how dangerous the sewer gas is? We have a small child and protecting him is very important to us. Thanks!
      Carol and Brian
      Ft. McMurray, AB

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      I just had the same problem in a 1 year old house. We had an unbelievable smell. It took 6 weeks and about a dozen people to find, but it’s finally fixed. It was a 2 part problem. One of the problems was the wax rings around the toilets. We had them changed, but the plumber that put the new one in upstairs should have used 2 rings. We have a tile floor and a cement subfloor so 1 wax ring wasn’t high enough, therefore not doing any good. Then we had the plumber do a pressure test, which lead him to find 4 holes in our venting system. This test seemed easy enough to do if you have a good plumber. After fixing all holes and once again changing the wax seals, using spacers this time, our smell is gone. Maybe you could check these out. Hope I helped! Good luck!

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