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        I am having a problem with sewer odor in my house. I have had this problem since I bought it 4 years ago. My backporch was built over top of my septic tank. The plastic cap is sticking up into the yard and there is a gap between it and the soil,so you could probably see into the tank thru the gap. When you’re outside you can smell it and during the cold weather, I believe the odor gets trapped under the porch and works its way into the house. I would put dirt around it to try to cover the gap, but I don’t want all of the dirt to fall into the tank. The guy that put in the tank and a plumber had no advice to offer. So any help would be appreciated. Sometimes the odor is pretty overwhelming. Thanks

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          Straiter, insist that the septic system installer place a proper, gas tight cover on the riser of your septic tank. Not only is the odor obnoxious, but open access to the septic tank poses a public health threat by insects, and other disease vectors, and a potential safety hazard if someone should fall into the tank. Be sure that the lid is gas tight, insect proof, and lockable for safety.

          This situation is very dangerous, so have it resolved immediately. It also reminds me of my favorite limerick. :>)

          I once knew a man named McBride
          he fell in a two-holer, and died
          along came his brother
          and fell in the other
          now they’re interred, side by side.


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