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        My house is 1 year old. We are the second owners. We moved in in October and were there for a month when the odor started. It fills the whole house and is very strong. We’ve had the original contractor and plumber there numerous times and they can’t find any problems, even after blowing holes in our walls. They have been in the basement, in the attic, gone through our vinyl siding, the downstairs bathroom ceiling…nothing. We have confined the smell to the upstairs bathroom and we keep that door shut now, but about once a week we get a “wave” that goes through the house and knocks us off our feet.
        It doesn’t seem to be better or worse when we do dishes or laundry or take showers. It comes at completely random times. We have no draining problems, the water doesn’t smell bad. They have blocked pipes and pressure tested, everything seems fine. Right now our septic tank is uncovered (with plywood over it), hoping it would vent that way, but the smell is still in the house. Is a smoke test the right thing to do?

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          wbert, understand that I am not a Licensed Master Plumber, but I do have a great deal of experience with solving these sewer gas odor problems for my septic system clients in the past. It seems from your inquiry that you, and your professional building specialists have tried everything except a smoke test, and have failed to locate the evident vent system leak. If there is a leak in the vent system, then a smoke test will reveal the location of the leak. JWA

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