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        My sump pump seems to run constantly. I am concerned because of the constant cycling noise that I have to deal with as well as the possibility of the pump burning out or not being able to handle the flow after heavy rains, etc. Any recommmendations to this situation?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Check the float THEN readjust it for a longer period between start up and stop

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          Avatar photoRon Thomann

            Check to make sure the pump is not discharging against the foundation causing the water to re-circulate back through the sump. If so, extend the discharge so that it is flowing away from the house.

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            Avatar phototonyr

              Most sump pumps run for 8-12 seconds and are rated for 6 starts an hour. They can handle more during heavy rain conditions, but 6 starts an hour is the norm. Two things could be happening. See if you have a check valve in the discharge line. A check valve prevents water from running back into the sump pit once the pump shuts off. OR You could be on an under ground stream with a high water table. If this is the case, an active sump pit is not uncommon. I recommend installing an additional sump pump, if the pit size will allow. This will give you double protection in the event of a failure. Also I recommend a high water alarm or battery backup system. Check out for details.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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