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      frank compagnon

      I have a 40gal heater that is 7yrs old.The problem is I will have hot water for 10-15 min and the the water goes luke warm.I think maybe the gas control valve is going bad.If this is bad would I be better off replacing the unit orbuying a new valve.If I need to replace,what steps do I need to take in draining the old unitnd anything else I should be aware of to remove old unit.

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      Look into the possibility that the dip tube(tube that brings the cold water to bottom of the tank, hasn’t disintgrated) It is usually accompanied by restricted flow. There is a class action lawsuit(ending this month by the way)that addresses this issue.When you use the hot water, it is hot until cold water starts filling in , now at the top, mixing with the water leaving for the house. If your WH was manufactured between 1993 and 97.They have a website just for it.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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