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        My toilet is slow to flush, fills up to the rim then gradually goes down, but then won’t refill. I have had it snaked a zillion times but it keeps recurring, something like once a week or so. The plumber never locates an obstruction, so I am at my wit’s end. What is wrong? The drains, bathtubs etc. do not back up. I only have a problem with the toilet. HELP!

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Sounds like this toilet is not properly vented.

          You should try the following

          1- get a 5 gallon pail of water and dump it down this toilet to see if it takes full flow.

          If it doesnt have your “plumber” remove this toilet THEN pour a 5 gallon pail of water down the lead bend (waste pipe) and see if it takes the full pail try this several times THIS will let you know if it is the drain line or the fixture.

          Easy huh?

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          Avatar photoGuest

            If your toilet is always slow to flush and its an older one and the tub and sink drain normally, try pouring a gallon of water from a pail into the bowl, if it drains like you would expect when flushing, its most probably the openings inside the rim are clogged, where the water drops into the bowl. The fix is to replace the toilet. A fairly easy do it yourself project, provided there are no problems with the flange.

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