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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Hi – Yesterday, I noticed a leak at the base of my toilet – Water is seeping from the base onto the floor – Do I need to replace the existing seal? If so, is it difficult to lift the toilet from the base to replace the seal? Do I have to shut off the main water supply before removing the toilet? Any help would be appreciated…..cferrara

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        Avatar photoYossi Barak

          It depends on a couple of things, 1. Does your toilet wubble/move? If so then it needs to be reinstalled to the floor. If you have a marble or stone floor i’ll surgest useing cerment. Then reseal the outlet pipe useing eather a new washer (put in place before you replace the toilet), or some quick dry water proof cerment (waterplug is excerent for this).
          If you discover that the water is coming from the conection from the tank to the bason then you’ll need to disconect the tank and propably change the washers inbetween the bowl and tank.
          Good luck.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Look under your toilet tank to the left side and see if you have a isolation valve OR possibly a tile stop valve. Once you shut the CW supply you can then disconnect the tank supply (If it is a tank and bowl in lieu of a flushometer) and then losen the flange floor bolts.
            Nex get a deep seal wax gasket (Horn type) and install new brass bolts GENTLY making up each side evenly. If you over tighten you WILL BREAK the toilet if under tightned your toilet will rock and end up destroying your floor flange connection.

            If you hire a licensed Master plumber you wont have to worry as much huh?


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            Avatar photojack spotz

              snot that hard…. sylvan did his first one @ 5 yrs old

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