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      I would like some free advice if possible. We have a septic tank and we had to add lateral line and things seemed to go o.k. but then lately when we do our dishes in the
      dishwasher the double sinks fill up with water and are slow in draining. Our front bathroom also is clogged….I will try to flush the tank and it will just feel back up right to the rim and almost overflow – help!!! Thank you for whatever suggestions that you could offer to
      me free.

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      Contact this Gentleman HE is licensed and one of the VERY FEW professionals out there

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      John Aldrich1

      Marion Greene, if the sewage is not surfacing above the septic tank, nor the leach field, then the problem may be a clog in the sewer pipe system in the house, or in the sewer pipe from the house to the septic tank, or perhaps there is a clog in the outlet tee of the tank.

      Expose both lids, (inlet end and outlet end) of the septic tank. If the sewage level is up to the outlet invert elevation (over flow elevation)of the outlet pipe, then the clog is in the sewer pipe. If the sewage is higher than the outlet pipe of the tank, then the leach field is failing, or there is a clogged outlet tee.

      If you determine that the sewer pipe is clogged, call a Licensed Master Plumber to water jet the sewer pipes to scour the accumulated grease, hair, soap scum, slimes, and other organic matter inside the pipe.

      If the leach field is failing, contact the local septic tank regulatory agency for advice, a permit, and a recommendation for a local Licensed Septic System Contractor to repair the system. Good Luck! JWA

Viewing 2 reply threads
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