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      The flow diverter on my bath tub spout allows more water through than it redirects to the shower head. I want to replace the spout, but am unsure how best to remove the old one. My replacement spout has an allen screw at the bottom to tighten against the pipe fitting, I can find no similar adjustment on my existing spout.

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      You are exactly right the tub spout needs replacing. The tub spout you have is for copper tubing. With an allen wrench the right size, you can buy this to fit the new one, loosen the old one and pull off. Install the new one and tighten down.
      Good Luck

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      The old one unscrews from a fitting inside it. Once it is removed, assuming you have the one with the connection at the front of the spout and copper tubing going to it, you can cut the copper tubing off and slide the new one on. If you have steel pipe for the spout connection, then your easiest repair will be to get a new one just like it and replace it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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