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      I called a plumber to clear out my sink drain. He snaked the drain and it worked for three days and then clogged again. I just recently snaked the drain again myself. It has worked for about 4 days and is now AGAIN starting to clog up. I’ve used enzymes to get rid of whatever is in there and I bought a can of pressurized air and used that. What else can I do? Is it possible that whatever is clogging the drain is stuck to the sides of the pipe therefore reclogging the drain? If so, what can I use to free it?

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      It could be that the garbage disposer is not working properly.
      Or if the line is broken, rodding it will only be a temporary fix.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      Forget chemicals FORGET snaking THINK water Jetting

      Have a GREAT day…

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