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        I have a Culligan water softener, when the valve is in the hard water position I have plenty of pressure, but when it is in the soft water position I have little pressure. I disassembled the regeneration tank and find that the media in the tank is a sandy gel like substance. Is this the correct consistency and is there any place to purchase new media so that I can repack the tank.

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          The media should be a fine golden sand like material that feels like a million ball bearings. Normally, your problem would be better served by buying a new water softener, not an overpriced Culligan model. If the pressure is reduced, the media may be bad, but the distribution ports could also be broken. New media will not be inexpensive, and you may not know if you have another problem until you replace it and reenergize the system.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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