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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        we have snaked out the drain on our kitchen sink, and still have a problem that it will not drain. what can we do next?

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        Avatar photoRichard

          Call a plumber, there can be several scenarios:

          1) Plumber will use an ‘airgun’ to clear it.

          2) Plumber can use hi pressure water to clear it. or

          3) You didnt snake properly, or use the right cutting head. So call a plumber.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Snaking a kitchen line is ALWAYS a bad idea picture it like this.

            Take a cup of grease put your finger in it TAKE your finger out and the opening closes HUH? AMAZING to see how this opening closes like magic.

            Now get a pail of sand from the beach and put your finger in it then take your finger out AMAZING how it closes up again WOW look at the education we are getting.

            Now lets try taking a garden hose and putting it in the pail of sand WHOOSH good bye sand HUH?

            The stream of water not only makes an opening it flushes away some of this sand.

            Now picture YOU hiring a REAL plumber who has a water jetter say 1,200 PSI and this licensed professional uses this jetter to clear out your GREASE trapped kitchen line
            SHHHAAAAAAZAMMM Not only is the drain cleaned PROPERLY but the debris is safely flushed away without the use of harfull/Dangerious chemicals.

            Giving you full flow as Nature intended.

            Soft stopages = Jetting Hard stoppages (Roots, rags etc) Snaking

            Have a great one

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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