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        I have a problem with water backing up from the floor drain in the basement everytime the toilet is flushed or the washing machine drains. I have called a roto place before and they said there is “no Access” to the system and he couldn’t go through the drain in the floor where the water comes from. Any suggestions on what do do and don’t all systems have some type of access?

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Next time forget ROTO and call a Licensed plumber as NO ONE knows more about drains then the folks who install them.

          Ok Most codes consider a fixture like a water closet (Toilet) an access point to the drainage/sewer system.

          Removing the toilet gives the plumber access to a 4″ diameter pipe ( min is 3″)

          Once the line is snaked and or jetted then the toilet can be reset NO BIG DEAL. The roto guys just dont have the proper training or the common sense.

          This reminds me of the brain dead “Jack” who went to every home center he could locate to get information from stock clerks on rebuilding his getto apartment .
          The advice was wrong BUT he certainly did get what he paid for.

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