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      I have a bad smell that comes in my house at random times.It gets worse during the fall and winter. I
      can’t determine from where the smell is coming. I believe it may be sewer gas but the smell doesn’t come up from drains or toilets. It just seems to come from nowhere. Any ideas?

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      John Aldrich1

      nana, the odors that you detect seasonally are probably sewer gasses emanating from the roof vents on your house. Occasionally down drafts will carry the gasses into the yard, and into your home. A sure-fire solution to the problem is to install activated carbon roof vent filters on all of the plumbing vents. The filters can be viewed on the web page of Richard Septic Systems of Torrington, Connecticut. You may also order them from the same source. Jim Richard’s web page address is;

      The activated carbon adsorbs the odorous gasses before they can escape into the air. The filters will provide many years of service, but eventually, the sorption sites are taken, and the gasses will then again escape into the atmosphere. They will only be detected during the seasonal, down draft periods. The activated carbon, which is inside the heavy plastic filter casing, can be replaced when all of the sorption sites are gone. JWA

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      before you spend money to solve any problem you must first prove what causes it. This does sound like a venting problem. Are you on a septic field?
      Were additions done to your house without permits Do you have a flat roof. A smoke test is good to trace sewer gasses. You must first eliminate what is working right before you spend money to solve a problem, learn your drainage and venting services first

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      Could it be from the sewer vent going out through your roof?

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      Nana–Did you try the carbon vent thingees on you roof?? Just wondering if they work. We have added on to our house this year and have heavy septic smell coming from the vent from the roof. We just had a downpour of snow and can really smell it, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Keep me posted. Rachel

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      My mother has the same problem with sewer gas smell entering her mobile home in the fall & winter.
      Only she knows the smell is coming in from her heat pump vents. The smell is unbearable when her heat is running. She’s called numerous plumbers, but no one can tell her how to remedy this problem. Help!

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