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        The plumber left behind on the bathroom floor a 3″ (inside diameter) PVC pipe for the toilet drain connection. I assumed this was a standard 3″ connection and purchased a toilet flange for a 3inch diameter. Tried fitting both an all PVC and another with a metal toilet flange without success. Both of these standard 3″ flanges are too small (they do not go over the existing 3″ inside and 3 1/2″ outside PVC pipe). Doesn’t the industry specify the dimension of PVC pipes? From my observation I about a 1/16th interference between the pipe and the newly purchased toilet flange. Do I need to trim the pipe down to fit into the flange or is there other flanges specifically designed for thickner wall pipes?????

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          If the guy used PVC and only 3″ wow you need to ask for a license next time. All kiding asaide try getting a No Hub Quick set floor flange in 3″ dia .
          Personally I never use less then 4″ cast Iron for a toilet, but hey I like peace of mind knowing my installations wont clog up or make any noise when installed BUT hey to each his own huh?

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