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        My hot water heater was leaking at the top for about a week before I figured out that it wasn’t the washing machine. I had the two pipes at the top replaced but it’s still “seeping” from the bottom, not a lot, but enough to dampen one towel day. I called the same plumber who fixed the pipes and he told me that I needed a new water heater. As a single parent with very little money, I am hoping (and praying!) that this is not the case. 1) Is that what it sounds like? 2) Could there be another reason for the leakage? 3) I’ve been searching online for discount water heaters and have come up short. Do you have any suggestions if I do have to buy a new water heater? Thanks!

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        Avatar photohj

          If it is an electric water heater, the elements are the only things that could be leaking and still be repairable.

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          Avatar photoGuest

            Actually, it’s a gas water heater. I can’t see where it’s leaking, but there is water pooling consistently underneath. Any suggestions?

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            Avatar photoArt_xyz

              Sounds like your plumber is right, you need a new water heater. As for the replacment water heater, I have one question; When you go to a restuarant do you take food and ask the Chef to cook it for you? In the long run you are better off letting the Plumber supply and install the equipment.

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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