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      Janny Panneton

      I have tried the plunger and the snake with no results. What could be the problem?

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      Answer. Your not a plumber

      Now get on the phone call a professional Licensed plumber watch him/her then next time you can do it yourself

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      Hang on Pal, I am having the same problems with our toilets, and due to financial constraints, cannot afford to have a plumber come to the house for plugged toilets. That is the purpose of these boards.

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      Originally posted by ross:
      I have tried the plunger and the snake with no results. What could be the problem?

      The last time I experienced this – actually, I could get the closet auger through and the toilet would clear, but would clog up as soon as paper were used – I pulled the toilet, turned it upside down in the tub and probed from the bottom. Got the toothbrush that was wedged in horizontally, out!

      John Mascaro

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      1. Please excuse Sylvan, He is always rude and usually less then helpful to everyone who wants help.
      2. Be careful using a toilet auger if you are new to it. If you crank it really hard when it binds, you can break your toilet.
      3. If after your auger gets through a coupla times and it still clogs with toilet paper, you probably have an object in it.
      If it does not clear at all after your auger get through, you may have a clogged line.
      4. If you decide to pull the toilet to remove an obstruction from the bottom.
      a. Turn off the valve behind the toilet and check that water stops coming into the tank.
      b. Use a wet vac or a sponge to get all of the water from the bowl and tank.
      c. Remove the supply tube from the toilet to the valve. One end or the other.
      d. Remove the nuts that hold the bowl to the floor.
      e. Pull the toilet and lay it on its back. Best to lift from the porcelain where the seat attaches usually.
      f. Look into the bottom of the toilet and use whatever means you have available to remove the obstruction without damageing the toilet.
      g. Also look down the pipe in the floor. If it is full of water, Call a plumber or a drain service to clear your line.
      h. Before reinstalling the toilet, Scrape away the old wax seal from both the floor flange and the bottom of the toilet, and install a new seal just like the old one. If the old one has a plastic conical ring in it, It’s a wax seal with horn.
      i. Reverse the above process to reset your toilet.
      j. Good luck

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