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      We just recently purchased a 14 year old home and have noticed a small leak coming from underneath the baseboard in the utilty room in the basement. We only see water there occasionally, but havent figured out yet where its coming from or what is causing it. We have just noticed today that it has a sewer smell. It is directly below our Kitchen sink, which is on the top floor. Does anyone know what this could be and could it be a sewer back up possibly. We are on city water and sewer. I am having a major panic attack with having small children in the house and not knowing if its raw sewer or not. There isnt a real bad odor unless we are right up at it. If anyone can help figure out where it may be coming from, please let me know .(we do have a copper plumbing system) As for the closest bathroom to the leak, it is a small room away, and there is no smell in that area. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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      Your best course of action would be to get a plumber over there right away to find and correct whatever is leaking, regardless of where you might think it’s coming from. Good luck.

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