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      I purchased a house which was built in 1926 and we are two blocks from the lake. The community has a high water table. I only have a crack in the foundation wall where water is seeping which I plan to fix. However the whole house smells damp. The previous owners capped one of the drains and the other drain is covered over with concrete. Should I install drain tiles or back h20 value? Any suggestions

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      Your problem has a few things that can cause this. We fix thousands of these jobs. A little info required. Where does roof water go, how far is the ground level from basement floor, do you have a municipal storm connection. Tape a piece of 6 mm poly to the floor about 1′ 1′ tape around all the edges, see if moisture appears. Clay soil in your yard? If there is a rain water leader going into a pipe in the ground look down with a flashlight and measure the depth. What part of the country. Pictures?

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