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      I am in the midst of a problem. I have an old bathroom that I converted into
      a powder room by removing the tub. The contractor left the old length of 1
      1/2 lead pipe that used to drain the tub, and simply cut it off. Recently,
      my toilet was blocked, and water came out of that long length of lead pipe
      into my basement. I wish to remove that old pipe, and cap it off at the
      elbow where it turns, or, better yet, at the connection with the soil pipe.
      I have cut the lead pipe close to the elbow, and am now trying to remove the
      threaded adapter from the elbow. This adapter looks like a nipple with a hex
      head shoulder on it. I am currently trying to loosen the adapter with an 18″
      pipe wrenchlong with Liquid Wrench and heat applied to the elbow, but I am having no success. Are there any tricks or tips you
      could give me as to how to successfully remove this adapter so I can put a
      cap/cleanout plug into either the elbow or into the soil pipe? Please
      help!!!! Thanks in advance.

      Jeff Mattero

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      Use a reciprocating saw and cut off all but about 1/2 inch of the nipple, then put the blade into the pipe and cut down to the threads, CAREFULLY, without damaging the threads, if you can do this on the top part of the nipple, all the better. Then make another cut about 3/8 inch alongside the other cut, by now you’re getting better at this. Chisel out the small piece completely, then the rest will come out easily. At least in theory. Good luck.

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      I tried to get here as soon as I could, I hope I am not to late.
      Cutting the pipe down to a 1/2″ was a good tip, then why not install a no hub cap and tighten down the band?
      Rule #1, do not make a mountain out of a mole hill.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

Viewing 2 reply threads
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