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        Ok, so my tank (I think) is leaking water into my bowl (I can see 2-3 small streams of water. I checked the flapper and it seems OK and sitting properly. However, I don’t know where the water is leaking from. I think the tank? Anyways, because of these leaks, the tank is refilling (I think) it’s water every 5 minutes just for a few seconds or so and the noise is driving me crazy. Help!
        Where is the leak, how do you fix it and will that stop the refilling noise?
        signed -still leaking….

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        Avatar photoSylvanLMP

          Depending on the type of fill valve you have depends alot on how water canbe wasted.

          1- You can try puting either a dye in the tank or instant coffee and look lok intio the bowl to see if you can spot a color change

          2- Look down the tanks refill tube
          (a tube about 1″ in dia) and see if any water is by passing the stopper/ tanb bulb / flapper

          You can also check the ball cock or fluid master type controllers to makesure the water level is not so high asto go down the over flow tube attached to the douglas valve

          Fluid Master now makes a new type of controller that will not waste water like before from a defective tank bulb


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          Avatar photohj

            Flappers can LOOK good and still leak, and the other common thing is for the little refill tube to be inserted into the large overflow pipe too far.

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