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        Q. from Massachusetts: We are planning to build on edge of hayfield. Only good perc was in woods across a seasonal (runs 5-6 months/yr) brook from the housesite. System there would be v. expensive, aesthetically awful, and involve the D.E.P. because it would cross the brook, wetlands problems, etc. We have plenty of land. The hayfield is mostly clay, wouldn’t perc. Engineer has not come up with an alternative. Would a graywater line alter the requirements? Any suggestions?

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          [email protected] I think that you should have an engineer look into an alternative on-site sewage treatment system. One which does not depend upon soil absorption as the primary means of treatment. I suggest a Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland Filter System followed by sand filtration, and then resource recovery of the highly treated water. This reclaimed water can be used for irrigation seasonally, and placed in a small storage pond for use by the area wildlife. There have been some experimental systems installed near Gloucester, MA as part of the National On-site Demonstration Program. These systems utilize Constructed Wetland Technology, Peat Based Filters, Recirculating Sand Filters, and other advanced technologies. Contact the DEP for more information about the alternatives to Soil Absorption. JWA

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Try contacting this really GREAT professional and I am sure he can be of service.

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            Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

              [email protected] the webpage address that Sylvan suggested belongs to a septic system and backhoe company in Tallahassee Florida. Sylvan’s message was as follows, “Try contacting this really GREAT professional and I am sure he can be of service.”

              I think Apalachee Backhoe and Septic Tank, Inc. would not be the least bit interested in providing their services in Massachusetts. I doubt that Sylvan has personal knowledge of this company, but merely did an Internet search for septic tank systems, and selected Apalachee because of “length” of their comprehensive webpage. This company appears to be quite competent in the area of installing “prescribed” soil absorption systems in Florida. But how do you think they will fare in designing a septic system which does not depend upon soil absorption for sewage treatment, especially in Massachusetts?

              Perhaps, you should inquire with the Massachusetts DEP for their recommendation of an engineer to design an alternative septic system.

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              Avatar photoGuest

                Thanks, John. The way he quoted it I thought it was his own page. I agree a Florida reference seems irrelevant. Our contractor has recommended a different engineer and we plan to get a “second opinion” from him. We will suggest he contact the DEP if he doesn’t have a better idea. Thanks. Lisa

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