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      My 41 year old shower pan is leaking. Behind the tiles are lath and mortar. I would very much like to only replace the bottom three rows of tiles after new shower pan is installed using a contrasting tile. (The old ones can not be matched) How do I get a clean cut on the existing tiles? And what is the best product to use for pan replacement? Any “alerts” or “be careful ofs”? Thanks

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      I still like installing lead shower pans ( min lead weight is 4 PSF) You can also use a Terazzo base type, but it is hard to retro fit.

      The way we remove a few layers of tiles is to get a grinder and cut along the grout line about 4-8 tiles high and install a new lead pan with sides up atleast 4″-6″ high except at the entrance

      A properly installed lead pan can last well over 80 years.


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      They have been making a vinyl shower pan material called Chloralay (not sure of the spelling) for appx 25 yrs. It is much easier to work than a lead pan and will last as long or longer. With either material you need to make sure that their are no nails or screws sticking out (or anything else that could cut into the material).

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